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Whether it’s the world of anime or manga, Chainsaw Man is making news in every area and for all the right reasons. This title features one of the strongest and most unique characters anime fans have witnessed in a long time. They are funny, charming, and extremely dangerous. But none of that would have been possible without Pochita. Now, if you don’t know who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man, this is the only article you need to tướng learn about this xinh tươi yet menacing character. We have covered the origin story, powers, and even weaknesses of Pochita in this detailed guide. There is a lot to tướng unfold, ví let’s dive in!

Spoiler WarningOur guide contains spoilers about characters, their abilities, and the plot of Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety Arc. We suggest you watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga first, at least till chapter 104, to tướng avoid ruining the story.

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Who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man

Pochita is the Chainsaw devil in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. As we explained in our devils, fiends, and hybrids explainer for Chainsaw Man, Pochita is a devil who is the manifestation of the fear of chainsaws. As revealed in Chapter 87 of the manga, Pochita was in a battle with the four horsemen group of devils before reaching a near-death situation.

Pochita and Denji

In its weakened state, Pochita adopted a xinh tươi dog-like look and met Denji (protagonist). Then, their friendship flourished as Denji worked as a devil hunter to tướng pay off his father’s debts to tướng the yakuza. It is then that their bond grows to tướng such a powerful state that Pochita offers to tướng take over Denji’s heart and save his life, ultimately creating the Chainsaw Man. In exchange for the power, under a devil contract, Denji shared his dreams with Pochita.

Is Pochita Dead or Alive?

In the first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime, it appears that Pochita sacrifices himself to tướng save Denji’s life. But rest assured that this xinh tươi and dangerous devil is still alive and active. It has only changed state and now acts as Denji’s heart. This is confirmed when Pochita gets in touch with Denji and Power subconsciously towards the kết thúc of the Public Safety Arc in the CSM manga.

Pochita (Chainsaw Man) Forms

Now that you know who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man, it’s time to tướng go over this devil’s various forms that exist in the CSM universe. These include:

  • Devil Form
  • Weakened/Near-Death Form
  • Hybrid Form/Chainsaw Man

Original Devil Form

Devil Form of Pochita - Chainsaw Man: Who is Pochita
Chainsaw Devil | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 83 (Shonen Jump)

The devil size is the original and most powerful size of Pochita. It is the only size that can practically eliminate any devil from existence. More of that later. In terms of appearance, this devil size portrays Pochita as a human with four arms. And then, you get a chainsaw for its head, along with four chainsaws extending out from all its arms.

And to tướng complete the sinister look, Pochita’s devil size has its own intestines wrapped around its neck. There are also sharp horns on top of the chainsaw head and a stone-like armor covering most of his skin.

If the contract between Pochita and Denji is broken, under any circumstance, Pochita gains full control over Denji’s toàn thân and turns into his true devil size. It is much more powerful than vãn the hybrid Chainsaw Man size (described below), but it also hampers the human side of the character.

Weakened/ Near-Death Form

Cute Weakened size of Pochita - Chainsaw Man: Who is Pochita

In his weakest state, Pochita becomes a tiny and cute dog-like creature that we are introduced to tướng in the initial episodes of the Chainsaw Man anime. In this state, Pochita isn’t strong enough to tướng fight on its own. But it acts as a reliable weapon that we see Denji wield and use as a chainsaw to tướng fend off small-time devils to tướng earn a living.

Hybrid Form/ Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man hybrid form
Still from Chainsaw Man anime | Image courtesy: MAPPA

In the anime, the current size of Pochita is Denji’s heart (see how it looks right here). To save Denji from dying, Pochita fused himself with Denji’s heart, which resulted in creating the Chainsaw Man hybrid. Even in this state, Pochita looks pretty similar to tướng his xinh tươi but weakened size. But he no longer has its signature chainsaw on its head. Instead, it’s replaced by a cord that hangs out of Genji’s chest. Whenever this cord is pulled, Denji sees chainsaws rev out of his head and arms, gaining the strength of the chainsaw devil and becoming Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Pochita: Powers

Every devil has some common abilities that it shares with the rest of the devil clan in the CSM world. Beyond those, each devil has a mix of special abilities that resonate with the type of fear they embody. We have included both sets of powers in individual sections here:

Common Devil Abilities

The common abilities that Pochita and most devils have include:

  • Healing: Be it any size, Pochita can drink blood to tướng quickly heal itself. But in the complete devil state, he can even generate without the requirement of blood. This ability is first seen in the opening segment of Chainsaw Man, where Pochita feasts on Denji’s blood to tướng heal itself.
  • Durability: In its devil and hybrid size, Chainsaw Man can handle explosions, direct combat, and even extreme heat with little to tướng no damage. Pochita’s durability is fully put to tướng the test in Chapter 89 when Makima uses a variety of attacks on a weakened Chainsaw Man, but he still survives.
  • Strength: When compared to tướng a human or a fiend, Pochita has extreme physical strength, which allows him to tướng khuyễn mãi giảm giá massive damage to tướng enemies. This is attested to tướng by the War devil in manga chapter 104 when it claims that Pochita was able to tướng take on the Four Horsemen and was even able to tướng consume parts of it.
  • Speed: Most enemies are unable to tướng keep up with Pochita’s tốc độ. He can rev up and slice enemies even before they have a chance to tướng react. The same can be witnessed in Chapter 87, where Pochita kills Makima’s henchmen as soon as they make liên hệ with him.

Special Abilities

The powers exclusive to tướng Chainsaw devil or Pochita are as follows:

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  • Chainsaw: Since he is the embodiment of the fear of chainsaws, Pochita can turn its head, arms, and legs into chainsaws. Then, they can be used to tướng dismember enemies in no time. This ability is commonly displayed in all CSM fights.
  • Regeneration: Taking healing to tướng the next level, Pochita can easily regenerate toàn thân parts and even a temporary independent toàn thân, if required. This power is taken to tướng its limits in Chapter 95 when Pochita creates a second independent body to tướng deceive Makima.
  • Chains: Pochita can unhook chains that are part of his chainsaws and use them as a weapon as well. He uses these chains to tướng wrap his opponent’s bodies on multiple occasions. But in the right situation, he hooks the chains to tướng buildings for faster, an almost Spider-Man-like movement, as claimed by Beam in Chapter 95.
Chainsaw Man using chains in Chapter 95
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 95 (Shonen Jump)
  • Devil Erasure: Generally, devils are sent to tướng hell when they die on Earth and vice versa. But, if the Chainsaw devil consumes a devil, it ceases to tướng exist. This power only works in Pochita’s complete devil size but is powerful enough to tướng make the enemy disappear – not only physically but even from people’s memory. The manga is yet to tướng explain why Pochita has this powerful ability and how it works. One big example of erasure is seen in Chapter 84 when Kishibe couldn’t remember AIDS or World Wars, and Makima tells him it’s because the corresponding devils have been consumed by Pochita.
  • Partial Devil Elimination: As revealed in the second arc of Chainsaw Man, if Pochita consumes only part of a devil, then that devil and its concept gets weakened. But consuming a part doesn’t entirely eliminate that devil from existence. A living example is the War devil, whose toàn thân parts were consumed by Pochita. Thus, everyone in the world remembers the concept of war, but no actual war has since happened on Earth.

Chainsaw Man: Pochita Weakness

Much lượt thích any other devil in the Chainsaw Man universe, Pochita gains power by the number of people fearing him and loses power due to tướng the lack of fear. This also extends to tướng the fear of chainsaws among humans, in general. That means if people no longer fear chainsaws, this devil’s existence would be in jeopardy.

Not to tướng forget, Pochita has a soft corner for Denji. So, if an enemy wants to tướng harm Pochita, targeting the human side of Denji would be a reliable plan. Other than vãn these elements, there is almost no known weakness of Pochita for now. But we can expect the upcoming chapters of Chainsaw Man to tướng put his abilities to tướng the test and reveal more of his weak spots.

Why Does Every Devil Want Chainsaw Man’s Heart

As you might have guessed, Pochita is the only devil that holds the power to tướng eliminate another devil from existence. Every other devil can practically only kill others and make them move between dimensions – hell and earth. However, Pochita can consume a devil and completely delete their existence using Devil Erasure. Once a devil has been deleted, no signs of existence are left behind for that devil. No one even remembers that such a devil or the fear it stems from ever existed.

Such power is truly game-changing for the devil and the human world alike. So, for that reason, some devils want to tướng capture the Chainsaw Man’s heart, and thus, Pochita in the hybrid size, to tướng control this power. Others simply want to tướng kill Chainsaw Man or Pochita to tướng get rid of such immense power. Though, since only Pochita can delete devils from existence, killing him wouldn’t be as simple as it sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Chainsaw Man “Pochita” mean?

Makita Chainsaw

In Japanese, the term “pochi” is used to tướng refer to tướng small things. It is also a common name for dogs in nhật bản. Meanwhile, “ita” is most commonly used to tướng refer to tướng things that “were there”. Though, some fans in the community suspect that the name could have been derived from the popular chainsaw brand Makita. Pochita even shares a similar appearance to tướng that brand’s orange chainsaw (pictured above).

How did Denji meet Pochita?

Denji met Pochita at his father’s grave. At that time, Pochita was in an injured state and Denji offered him his blood to tướng help the devil heal.

What is Pochita the devil of?

Pochita is the chainsaw devil who gains power from the fear of chainsaws.

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What happens to tướng Pochita?

To save Denji from death and carry forward his dreams, Pochita sacrifices his toàn thân and turns into Denji’s heart. While doing ví, he also shares all his chainsaw devil powers with Denji.

Pochita in Chainsaw Man: Everything You Need to tướng Know

Now, you are familiar with one of the most important characters in Chainsaw Man manga and anime. But this is not the kết thúc of Pochita’s story. In fact, one can argue that it hasn’t even reached its first level. So, make sure to tướng bookmark this page to tướng witness the evolution of the Chainsaw devil, Pochita, as the story goes on. And not to tướng forget, Pochita is only one of the many fascinating and unique characters in this Chainsaw Man franchise, which has multiple references to tướng movies and animes in its opening sequence. So, which other character tự you want us to tướng explore next? Tell us in the comments below!