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Yua Mikami

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三上 悠亜

Yua Mikami guesting at a Pachinko sự kiện in 2017


Momona Kitō (鬼頭 桃菜)

August 16, 1993 (age 30)

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

  • Japanese pornographic film actress
  • Singer
Height1.59 m (5 ft 3 in)
Musical career
  • J-pop
Years active2009–2014, 2015–present
Member ofHoney Popcorn
Formerly of
  • SKE48
  • Ebisu Muscats

YouTube information

  • Yua Channel
Years active2016–present
  • Vlog
Total views107,201,989[1]

Creator Awards

100,000 subscribers

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Momona Kitō[2] (Japanese: 鬼頭 桃菜, Hepburn: Kitō Momona, born August 16, 1993), known professionally as Yua Mikami (Japanese: 三上 悠亜, Hepburn: Mikami Yua), is a Japanese singer, YouTuber, and former pornographic film actress. She debuted as a thành viên of the idol group SKE48 in 2009 before leaving in năm trước. She entered the adult entertainment industry in năm ngoái under the Muteki label and became one of the most popular and best-selling contemporary AV idols, winning several awards in the process. Mikami performed under the S1 No. 1 Style label and has appeared in over 200 adult films (including compilations and VR-based AV's as well).[3]

Apart from performing in adult films, Mikami also remained active as a singer and idol. She is a thành viên of the idol groups Ebisu Muscats since năm ngoái and Honey Popcorn since 2018. She also appears in the đoạn Clip games Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami 2.[4]


2006–2014: Early life and traditional idol debut[edit]

Mikami was born as Momona Kitō on August 16, 1993, in Nagoya. At the age of 13, Mikami auditioned for Morning Musume's 8th generation in 2006, but was eliminated during the first round.[5] In March 2009, she debuted as a second generation thành viên of the idol group SKE48 on Team E. Her career in SKE48 saw numerous setbacks, including a demotion to tướng kenkyuusei (trainee) status in December 2010,[6] as well as an underage drinking/dating scandal that broke out in July 2013.[7] On March 16, năm trước, she announced her graduation from the group and her last performance with the group was on April 9, năm trước.[8] During her tenure, she appeared in eight B-side singles with SKE, as well as an appearance on the sister group AKB48's B-side single "Ano Hi no Fūrin".

2015–present: AV debut, return to tướng music and AV retirement[edit]

On June 1, năm ngoái, she debuted in the adult entertainment industry under the name Yua Mikami with her first đoạn Clip, Princess Peach, produced by Muteki, a label that specialized on the adult film debuts for former gravure idols and minor celebrities.[9][10] While Mikami originally planned it as a one-film career, Princess Peach turned out to tướng be a huge success, becoming one of Muteki's highest selling film and one of the highest selling AV's of năm ngoái.[11][12] The unexpected positive reaction of her debut motivated Mikami to tướng remain in the industry as an active performer.[12] On November 12, năm ngoái, she launched her official trang web. Her Twitter, and Instagram accounts were also created on the same day.[13] In an interview, Mikami stated: "I entered the world of AV without consulting with anyone. It is my life, ví I have to tướng choose for myself."[14]

Her second AV, Pleasure was released on January 1, năm 2016.[15] Mikami's first titles were under the Muteki label (becoming one of a few AV actresses who done more phàn nàn one title under the studio), before transferring to tướng S1 No. 1 Style in November năm 2016. On May 13, năm 2016, Mikami won her first major award at the năm 2016 DMM Adult Awards at the "Best New Actress" category presented to tướng her by fellow AV actress Moe Amatsuka.[16] On April 13, năm 2016, she joined the Ebisu Muscats as a second-generation thành viên.[17][18] She was the poster girl for the năm 2016 AV Open along with Masami Ichikawa [ja] and Rika Hoshimi.[19] She was the sự kiện chiến dịch girl for the National Fan Thanksgiving Festival 2016 along with Hibiki Ōtsuki.[20]

Mikami's popularity continued to tướng grow, as she became one of S1's "flagship" actresses, with her films regularly appearing on the best selling charts. In 2018, when Fanza did a research on the Top 10 highest selling AV actresses of the year, Mikami came out at No. 8 at digital downloads and No. 5 at physical DVD/Blu-Ray sales.[21] Mikami won her second major award, at the "Best Actress" category in the 2017 DMM Adult Awards. She also presented the "Best New Actress" award to tướng former gravure idol and debuting AV actress Shoko Takahashi.[22] With both of them debuting at Muteki and being Nagoya-based, Mikami and Takahashi formed a close friendship and started to tướng appear in the variety show "SHOW YOUR ROCKETS".[23] For Muteki's tenth anniversary, the pair appeared in their first joint AV-title, These Two Have No Equal released on December 1, 2018.[24] The four-hour-long film was also accompanied by a two-hour-long VR-based adult release.[25] It also became the second best-selling Japanese adult film of 2018.[26]

Mikami also appeared in S1's 15th-anniversary special, along with the studio's other exclusive performers: Tsukasa Aoi, Ayami Shunka, Moe Amatsuka, Arina Hashimoto, Usa Miharu, and Nene Yoshitaka.[27] Mikami currently continues her AV career at S1 and appeared in over 200 titles ví far. In 2019 and 2020, according to tướng Fanza, she became the second highest selling AV actress of the year next to tướng Yui Hatano[28] and popular industry newcomer Ichika Matsumoto. [29] In 2021, she reached the number one position, solidifying Mikami's status, as Japan's most popular adult performer.[30]

Despite mainly being an adult performer, Mikami stayed close to tướng her musical roots. On November 22, năm 2016, she released a solo single, "Ribbon".[31] In 2018, she debuted as a thành viên of the South Korean-based idol group Honey Popcorn with AV idols Moko Sakura and Miko Matsuda.[2] The group was funded by Mikami herself as a passion project.[32] However the group's debut proved to tướng be controversial due to tướng the member's line of work which went against the "pure" image associated with Korean idols. The group was forced to tướng cancel their debut concert due to tướng the outrage[14] and a petition with over 50,000 signatures was passed to tướng the Blue House, demanding the group's ban.[33][34] Due to tướng the intense backlash Matsuda left Honey Popcorn in December 2018, but Mikami managed to tướng revive the group with three new members, and they released their second EP, De-aeseohsta in July 2019.[34]

In 2017, she was crowned the Best Actress at the DMM Adult Awards, which marked her last appearance at a major industry-related sự kiện.[35]

In the same year, Mikami also started her own clothing brand, "YOUR'S" (later rebranded as "miyour's"), a career choice largely inspired by her close friend and AV idol Kirara Asuka.[36] On June 27, 2020, Mikami guest starred in Malaysian singer-songwriter Namewee's new music đoạn Clip titled "I Shot You" (Chinese: 不小心). The đoạn Clip gained 1.4 million views in just over a day.[37]

In June 2022 on the seventh anniversary of her debut, Mikami announced her separation from her representative office One's Double and the establishment of her own "Miss Co., Ltd." in January of the same year, allowing management independecy for Mikami. Her AV activities will continue in a business alliance with One's Double with the possibility of collaborating with other studios. [38]

On March 13, 2023, Mikami announced her retirement from the AV industry on her 30th birthday, August 16, 2023, through her YouTube đoạn Clip.[39] [40] Her last adult film, Complete AV retirement, the last day. Yua Mikami’s Last Sex was released on August 15, 2023.[41]

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Personal life[edit]

In July 2013, while she was a thành viên of SKE48, Shūkan Bunshun published pictures of her kissing Yuya Tegoshi, while being allegedly drunk, and staying overnight at his house in May 2013. It caused an uproar, as Mikami was pictured with alcohol and had been under the legal drinking age at that time.[42]



  • She was a regular cast thành viên of Muscat Night [ja] from April 14, năm 2016, to tướng March 30, 2017.
  • On April 6, 2017, she became a regular cast thành viên of Muscat Night Fever!!! [ja].
  • On October 2, năm 2016, she became a cast thành viên of variety show, Show Your Rockets, along with Shouko Takahashi [ja].[43]
  • She has produced over 150 adult films to tướng date, a large number of them under S1 No. 1 Style.[44]

Adult films[edit]

Release Date Title ID Company
June 1, 2015 Princess Peach TEK-067 Muteki
January 1, 2016 Pleasure


February 1, 2016 Climax 4 Times


April 1, 2016 My Girlfriend is Yua Mikami


May 1, 2016 The Finest 5-Star Hotel Where an Idol Will Serve You


June 1, 2016 Doing Naughty Things with the Female Student Idol After School


July 1, 2016 Saliva Intertwined Deep Kissing Sex


August 1, 2016 Pleasure Splash! Experiencing a Climax That Feels Too Good for the First Time


September 1, 2016 Sex That Repeatedly Gives Pleasure and Climax to tướng an Unmovable Idol


November 25, 2016 Exclusive No.1 Style Yua Mikami's S1 Debut – Lightning Fast Company Transfer – Four Penetrations in Four Hours

専属NO.1 STYLE 三上悠亜エスワンデビュー 電撃移籍4時間×4本番スペシャル

SNIS-786 S1 No.1 Style
December 19, 2016 Mingling Body Fluids, Intense Sex – Completely Uncut Special

交わる体液、濃密セックス 完全ノーカットスペシャル

January 25, 2017 Ultra Copious Dream Facials of a National Idol


February 19, 2017 The National Idol, Yua Mikami's 31 Cosplays! Yua's Daily Masturbation While Cosplaying – Four Hours Transformation Special

国民的アイドル三上悠亜の31コス! コスった悠亜で毎日シコって4時間31変化SP

March 19, 2017 92 Orgasms! 3600 Convulsions! 2300cc of Vaginal Discharge! National Idol Is Sexually Awakened by a Huge Convulsion Special

激イキ92回!痙攣3600回!イキ潮2300cc!国民的アイドル エロス覚醒 はじめての大・痙・攣スペシャル

April 19, 2017 The National Idol's Sudden Penetration Prank, Four Times, Instantly Connect Everywhere, Climaxing at Anywhere

国民的アイドルいきなり即ハメドッキリ4本番 いつでも即合体、どこでも即絶頂

May 19, 2017 Welcome to tướng the Idol Sex Service Mansion of the Highest Class – Mikami Yua's Close Liên hệ Sexual Techniques 150 Full Course

最高級アイドル風俗マンションへようこそ 三上悠亜の密着性感テクニック150分フルコース

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June 19, 2017 The National Idol Is a Lotion Applying Maid That Only Serves Me


July trăng tròn, 2017 The National Idol's Serious Juice Leaking Sexual Intercourse


August trăng tròn, 2017 The National Idol's Adrenaline Explosion! Sexual Desire Bare Teasing After A Month of Abstinence

国民的アイドル アドレナリン大爆発!禁欲1ヶ月後の性欲剥き出し焦らされトラン



Singles with SKE48[edit]

Release Date No. Title Role
November 17, 2010 4 1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku! B-Side
November 9, 2011 7 Okey Dokey B-Side
May 16, 2012 9 Aishite-love-ru! B-Side
September 19, 2012 10 Kiss Datte Hidarikiki B-Side
January 30, 2013 11 Choco no Dorei B-Side
July 17, 2013 12 Utsukushii Inazuma B-Side
November trăng tròn, 2013 13 Sansei Kawaii! B-Side
March 19, 2014 14 Mirai to tướng wa? B-Side

Singles with AKB48[edit]

Release Date No. Title Role
August 29, 2012 27 Gingham Check B-Side


  • On May 7, năm 2016, she received the Best New Actress Award from DMM Adult Award [ja].[45][46]
  • On March 3, năm 2016, she received the Best Works and FLASH award from Adult Broadcasting Awards.[47][48]
  • On April 23, 2017, she received the Best Actress Award from DMM Adult Award.[49][50][non-primary source needed]


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